The Olive Oil Story

sparta-olive-grove.jpgMany, many years ago Athena's great grandfather owned one of the largest parcels of land in the Lakonia region Sparta, Greece. They made one of the best extra virgin olive oils around. Cold pressed extra virgin olive oil was no doubt liquid gold to the old timers. Olive oil was used for everything. They used it to make soaps, hand lotions, lantern oil, for cooking and pharmaceutical applications, healing skin problems, stomach pains, ear infections and to keep the digestive tract healthy. As the years went by, Athena would spend her summers in Greece. She grew fond of the olive trees and hoped one day to cold press her own olive oil like her great grandfather. Not only did Athena learn how to cultivate and harvest, her new love of the hobby turned into an impressive business. Spartan Extra Virgin Olive Oil MMMMMmmmmmmmmmmm....Savor the flavor. From our family grove to your family table.

  The symbol of the olive tree has very deep roots in Greek tradition; it symbolizes wealth, health, beauty, wisdom and abundance. Its importance has never faded and its nutritional and pharmaceutical value is now recognized throughout the whole modern world.   burlap-bag-olives.jpg

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